Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo evidence of the elusive Murloc in its natural environment

This being week 8 of our little endeavor, it had come time to do a little meet and greet with our obstetrician.  So, today, E and I headed down to our friendly HMO for our first appointment.

Then, exciting things happened.  Meanwhile, I waited in the lobby.

Eventually our Ob/Gyn, heretofore named "Dr. C.", brought me into the examination room, and proceeded to sonogram E and Murloc. At this point, Murloc is about the size of a large raspberry.  (Mmm, raspberries.)  Its heart is beating at a fit-for-a-hummingbird pace of 150 beats per minute. And if Murloc is raspberry size, its heart is no larger than one of said raspberry's aggregated drupelets.  Suffice it to say: extremely hard to see.  But sure enough, there it was! A rapidly flashing set of heart-shaped pixels, in a vaguely heart-appropriate lo
cation!  E tells me I broke out in a huge grin when I saw it.

Now, it gets even more interesting when you blow up that picture, as our Murloc's Murloc-nature becomes even more evident.  The large, pupil-less eyes, the protruding tongue, the webbed hands; I think this one's going to be a swimmer!

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  1. oh man that murloc shit is funny as hell, seriously, jeff and I are peeing our pants...