Sunday, February 15, 2009

Six Weeks Down

As of tomorrow, I will be 6 weeks pregnant, more or less.  These things are a little tricky to guess at when you haven't been to the doctor yet.  The first doctor's appointment is on the 24th and we will know more then.

Thus far, pregnancy has been an interesting ride.  I started getting morning sickness at around week 3, rather than the usual week 6.  I'm curious to see what this week brings and if it gets any worse.  Last Friday was the first day that I was actually throwing up instead of merely being nauseous.  It's kind of amazing how crummy an upset stomach can make you feel.

Not many people know about the pregnancy yet, as we want to keep it on the downlow until we know how things are looking.  I do not have to go back to all of my friends and have to explain to them about a miscarriage or anything else that may go wrong.  Our parents are thrilled with the news, but unhappy that they don't get to share it.  I thought my mom would have a harder time of it than she seems to be having, so good for her.

At 6 weeks, the only thing that has really changed is the size of my boobs.  I did not sign up for having my boobs go up two sizes over the course of a week.  As if not having any bras to wear wasn't bad enough, the new and exciting playthings are WAY too tender to touch.  Such is life, I suppose.

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