Thursday, June 18, 2009

School's Out, Baby's Healthy, Life is Good

I had my 23 week exam today and it looks like everything continues to go well. The baby's heartbeat is strong and she's kicking up a storm these days. Last Sunday was our anniversary and it was also the first day that J and I could see the baby moving. It looks like I have an alien in me trying to get out. Creepy, but kind of cool at the same time.

At almost 6 months along, I have gained a whopping 1 pound. According to the doctor, babies are parasites and they will take whatever they need from my body, so just keep eating as much as I want and we're good to go. I have to admit that I'm a fan of this! As long as I don't lose weight, everyone is happy.

Monday was my last day of work and, while I was sad to say goodbye to the kids, I'm really ready for a break! It was a crazy run at the end there, trying to get kids to graduation. I'm so proud of all of the hard work they did though, so it was all worth it. Now I get to sleep for a few days and then ramp up for a friend's wedding festivities and my impending trip to France.

Ah, France. How I can't wait to see thee! We fly out on Monday and are heading to Marseille. We'll spend a couple of days there and they we head to a little town in the Pyrenees for a week before heading up to Paris. It's looking to be a lovely vacation and, with my new Kindle in hand, one full of relaxing reading. Too bad it won't be with a glass of wine in hand. I am bummed about having to stay away from the awesome cheese and wine that will be available, but I'm sure that all things in moderation should be fine.... :)

I realized that I don't have any recent belly pics, but we'll try to take some at the wedding this weekend.

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